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The Upside of Uncertainty

Review by - Dr Leon Levin

Reviewed: 14 Mar 2024

The Upside of Uncertainty

By Nathan Furr , Susannah Harmon Furr

Rating: 4/5




Decision making

The Upside of Uncertainty

The Upside of Uncertainty

A science-backed guide for navigating and thriving through uncertainty—based on interviews and insights from world-renowned leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives. This evidence-based discussion is a useful talisman when you decide to take that next step in your life.

In an ambiguous and uncomfortable state that often makes us feel confused, anxious, and afraid to act, we lose opportunities. Though these moments are difficult, they offer opportunities for personal growth, innovation, and creativity. In The Upside of Uncertainty, Nathan and Susannah Furr provide a sweeping guide to embracing uncertainty and transforming it into a force for good.

Drawing from hundreds of interviews, along with pioneering research in psychology, innovation, and behavioral economics, the book provides dozens of tools for seeing the upside of uncertainty, developing a vision for what to do next, and opening ourselves up to new possibilities. In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, uncertainty is on the rise. We face it every day. But few of us have been taught the techniques to navigate it well. The Upside of Uncertainty provides the inspiration, tools, and strategies you need to thrive through the inevitable plot twists in your life and career. Embracing uncertainty and creating a learning and agile culture is the best formula for success.

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