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  • Marketing in a dynamic environment

  • Online business/teaching environment

  • Leadership in challenging times

  • Challenges of starting a business

  • Managing conflict for benefit

  • The art of story telling

  • The creativity gene

  • The family business “onion”

  • Wellness in the workplace

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About The Podcast

Hosted By Dr. Leon Levin and Peter Singer

"Diving Deep with Experts" is your go-to podcast for insightful discussions with industry leaders, innovators, and thinkers from around the globe. Every episode invites you into the minds of accomplished professionals as they share their experiences, strategies, and predictions for the future. Whether you're seeking inspiration, industry knowledge, or the latest trends that are shaping the future of business and technology, our podcast provides real-world wisdom and advice to help you navigate your career and personal growth.

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Podcast With Roland Perry

Out Now

Episode list

  • 02 - Combined Arms Podcast with Roland Perry

    Guest: Roland Perry

    A conversation with Roland Perry on leadership

  • 01 - The evolution of the Art of Critical Thinking - Online Teaching

    Born in the wake of the pandemic, our podcast taps into the transformative shift towards online education, guided by insights from Dr. Leon Levin's "Through the Online Looking Glass: A Personal Journey." As online learning becomes a mainstay, especially for mature students, and hybrid work models solidify, we explore how

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