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Leading Through Conflict

Review by - Dr Leon Levin

Reviewed: 23 Mar 2024

Leading Through Conflict

By Mark Gerzon

Rating: 4/5




Leading Through Conflict

Leading Through Conflict

As our world grows smaller, opportunities for conflict multiply. Ethnic, religious, political, and personal differences drive people apart with potentially disastrous consequences and it's the task of perceptive leaders to bring them together again. although the book is largely focused on a global platform, World-renowned mediation expert Mark Gerzon argues that leaders must rise to this challenge, and the lessons outlined have direct relevance to the corporate world.

Organizations, schools, and governments in part are filled with divisive dictators and everyday managers, instead of what he calls mediatorsleaders who transform conflict so that everyone can move forward together. Through absorbing examples drawn from decades of work with organizational, political, and global conflicts, Leading Through Conflict provides a powerful new framework for the leader as a mediator. It outlines eight specific tools these leaders use to transform seemingly intractable differences into progress on deep-seated problems. Both practical and passionate, this book makes the tools of cross-border leaders accessible to anyone who wants to help create healthier companies, communities, and countries.

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