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Leadership: In Turbulent Times

Review by - Dr Leon Levin

Reviewed: 21 Mar 2024

Leadership: In Turbulent Times

By Doris Kearns Goodwin

Rating: 3/5



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Leadership: In Turbulent Times

Leadership: In Turbulent Times

Are leaders born or made? Where does ambition come from? How does adversity affect the growth of leadership? Does the leader make the times or do the times make the leader? is one leadership model right for a variety of situations, or do you need to adapt?

In Leadership, Goodwin draws upon the four presidents she has studied most closely—Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johnson —to show how they recognized leadership qualities within themselves and were recognized as leaders by others. By looking back to their first entries into public life, we encounter them at a time when their paths were filled with confusion, fear, and hope.

Leadership tells the story of how they all collided with dramatic reversals that disrupted their lives and threatened to shatter their ambitions forever. Nonetheless, they all emerged fitted to confront the contours and dilemmas of their times.

No common pattern describes the trajectory of leadership. Although set apart in background, abilities, and temperament, these men shared a fierce ambition and a deep-seated resilience that enabled them to surmount uncommon hardships. At their best, all four were guided by a sense of moral purpose. At moments of great challenge, they were able to summon their talents to enlarge the opportunities and lives of others.

Their collective and individual experiences represent key stepping stones for the modern executive as they manage business challenges today. gaining an insight as to how these great men operated and how they saw the world and applied their insights are lessons well learned for the challenges of today.

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