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Emotional Intelligence

Review by - Dr Leon Levin

Reviewed: 12 Mar 2024

Emotional Intelligence

By Daniel Goleman

Rating: 5/5





Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

This is a thoughtful, sober, and careful analysis of specific issues related to character formation and an incredibly useful road map to personal exploration and development.

To some degree, it reflects Thomas Jeffersons’ quote – “let passion be your engine and reason be your reins” In short – understand what is driving you and what are your motivational influencers while at the same time being cognizant and empathetic to others around you.

The book details interesting scientific discoveries, data from studies and experiments, and intelligent and non-pedantic descriptions of complex phenomena with ease. While offering ideas for solutions, Goleman does not preach he just offers a flashlight it is up to us the readers whether or not we will find our pathway and follow it.

In an age of demonstrations, nihilism fake news, and despair, and generations lacking the ability to toss their phones aside and pay attention to something for more than two minutes, focusing on a way to drive home the usefulness and almost unlimited upside of character formation which are critical scaffolds for effective business leadership.

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